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How to Get in and out of the Bubble!  


Getting In!                       

1. We will customize the bubble straps to fit your arm width.

2. We will show you a volunteer demonstration, please be patient. 

3. Where it says WWW of the bubble is the top of the bubble.

4. Where it says COM is the bottom of the bubble.

5. Your head comes on the top and not the bottom.

6. When getting inside the bubble put your weight on your knees, not on the bubble!

7. Put your hand and arms together

(as seen in the demonstration)

8. We will come from the other side and hold the straps open for you

9. First, your Arms go through and then YOU come through!

10. Make sure it is not too loose or too tight on you. 

11. Please make sure your hair does not get caught under the straps!

12. If so please tell us and we will have to Re-Adjust. It should be firm and comfortable. 


Getting out!
1. When trying to come back out remember to lift your elbows above the straps and then come out.

 2. It's just like a backpack.  

 3. Remember your bubble so we don't have to readjust for the next game. 

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