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Safety Rules

1. Do Not wear any jewelry, caps, hats, glasses or having any phones on your person while playing.

2. Only closed toe shoes are allowed. Please make sure they are tied properly and tightly before each game.
3.  NO hitting anyone from the back.

4.  NO hitting anyone while they are down.

5. Not hitting anyone outside the bubble (That includes us! the referees)

6. Persons outside of the bubble not hitting persons inside the bubble

7. Please Tuck in your feet while there is a scramble
8. How to get up after you have fallen down:  
  a. Roll to your toes.
  b. Come on to your feet.
  c.  The onto your legs 
  d.  Don't try to jump up while on your back! ( You could hurt your back!) 
9. If inside a bubble then come to a corner and we pause the game and tie your shoe for you. 
10. If it feels like your bubble has lost air or it is not as firm as it was, in the beginning, let us know immediately, We will need to put you in another bubble or put more air in your bubble.  

11. Please make sure you are hydrated throughout your event. Inform the referee if you feel sick (i.e. dizzy, shortness of breath, claustrophobic, etc.) at any point during game play 

12. Please inform a member of the staff immediately if you feel your bubble is deflated or not firm


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